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List of L File Editors

1 .L Editor Lex Source Format Editor
2 .L01 Editor ARC Digitized Raster Graphics Format Editor
3 .L3D Editor Black & White Graphics Format Editor
4 .L4D Editor Cinema 4D Layout Format Editor
5 .L6T Editor Line 6 Tone Format Editor
6 .LA Editor Lossless Audio Format Editor
7 .LAB Editor WordPerfect Label Definition Format Editor
8 .LABY Editor Laby Level Format Editor
9 .LACCDB Editor Microsoft Access Lock Format Editor
10 .LAN Editor ERDAS LAN Format Editor
11 .LANG Editor Skype Language Settings Format Editor
12 .LAS Editor LIDAR Data Exchange Format Editor
13 .LASSO Editor Lasso Database-Driven Web Page Editor
14 .LASTLOGIN Editor Minecraft User Credential Format Editor
15 .LATEX Editor LaTeX Document Editor
16 .LAY Editor DVD Studio Pro Layout Format Editor
17 .LAYOUT Editor Apple MainStage Layout Format Editor
18 .LBC Editor Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Link Editor
19 .LBI Editor Dreamweaver Library Item Editor
20 .LBL Editor Database Label Format Format Editor
21 .LBM Editor Deluxe Paint Bitmap Image Editor
22 .LBR Editor LU Library Archive Editor
23 .LBS Editor Omnis Library Editor
24 .LBT Editor FoxPro Label Memo Editor
25 .LBU Editor Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings Format Editor
26 .LBX Editor FoxPro Label Format Editor
27 .LCB Editor Concept2 LogCard Utility LogCard Backup Image Editor
28 .LCC Editor Capture One Lens Cast Correction Format Editor
29 .LCD Editor CDSpace Emulated Disk Image Editor
30 .LCF Editor ArchiCAD Library Container Format Editor
31 .LCK Editor Program Lock Format Editor
32 .LCM Editor Lipikar Custom Map Format Editor
33 .LCN Editor Corel WordPerfect Dictionary Format Editor
34 .LD2 Editor Lingoes Dictionary Format Editor
35 .LDB Editor Microsoft Access Lock Format Editor
36 .LDF Editor SQL Server Transaction Log Format Editor
37 .LDIF Editor LDAP Data Interchange Format Format Editor
38 .LDM Editor VolumeViz Multi-Resolution Volume Format Editor
39 .LDR Editor LDraw Model Format Editor
40 .LDS Editor Binutils LD Linker Script Editor
41 .LDT Editor ZENAX Source EULUMDAT Format Editor
42 .LDW Editor Virtual Villagers Saved Game Format Editor
43 .LEF Editor LEN Exchange Format Format Editor
44 .LEGAL Editor DaveTech Legal Document Editor
45 .LEMON Editor Download Editor
46 .LESS Editor LESS Style Sheet Editor
47 .LETTER Editor Undeliverable Mail Format Editor
48 .LEX Editor Adobe Linguistic Library Data Format Editor
49 .LFO Editor Alchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets Format Editor
50 .LFP Editor IPRO LFP Format Editor
51 .LFS Editor Samsung Phone Params.lfs Format Editor
52 .LGC Editor SimpleK Database Format Editor
53 .LGF Editor PMSCAN Log Format Editor
54 .LGH Editor HMI Historical Log Format Editor
55 .LGI Editor Multimedia Logic Format Editor
56 .LGL Editor LeechGet Download List Editor
57 .LGO Editor Logo Instructions Format Editor
58 .LGP Editor Final Fantasy Media Archive Editor
59 .LHA Editor LHARC Compressed Archive Editor
60 .LHR Editor Quicken Financial Life For Mac Format Editor
61 .LHS Editor Literate Haskell Script Editor
62 .LI3D Editor Live Interior 3D Document Editor
63 .LIB Editor Microsoft Linker Input Library Format Editor
64 .LIBRARY-MS Editor Windows Library Description Format Editor
65 .LIC Editor Software License Format Editor
66 .LICENSEKEY Editor IPartition License Key Format Editor
67 .LICENSES Editor Visual Studio Licensed Classes Format Editor
68 .LICX Editor Visual Studio License Format Editor
69 .LID Editor Quicken 2002 Deluxe Format Editor
70 .LIF Editor Leica Image Format Editor
71 .LIFE Editor LIGHT Format Editor
72 .LILY Editor PCSX2 LilyPad Configuration Format Editor
73 .LIN Editor AutoCAD Linetype Format Editor
74 .LINK Editor IPod Link Format Editor
75 .LINX Editor Bridge Base Format Editor
76 .LIP Editor SLIP Format Format Editor
77 .LIS Editor SQR Output Format Editor
78 .LISP Editor Lisp Source Code Format Editor
79 .LIST Editor JAR Index Format Editor
80 .LIT Editor EBook Format Editor
81 .LIVEREG Editor Symantec Antivirus Session Format Editor
82 .LIVEUPDATE Editor Symantec LiveUpdate Format Editor
83 .LIX Editor Logos Library System Format Editor
84 .LIZD Editor Live Interior 3D Compressed Document Editor
85 .LJP Editor Lossless JPEG Image Editor
86 .LL Editor List & Label Preview Format Editor
87 .LLB Editor LabVIEW Library Format Editor
88 .LLM Editor Linden Lab Mesh Format Editor
89 .LLX Editor LabVIEW VI Library Backup Format Editor
90 .LMK Editor Sothink Logo Maker Image Editor
91 .LMS Editor Light-O-Rama Musical Sequence Format Editor
92 .LMU Editor RPG Maker Map Format Editor
93 .LMX Editor Landmark Exchange Format Editor
94 .LND Editor 3D Landscape Format Editor
95 .LNG Editor Language Application Support Format Editor
96 .LNK Editor Windows Format Shortcut Editor
97 .LNST Editor Adobe InDesign Line Presets Format Editor
98 .LNT Editor PC-lint/FlexeLint Configuration Format Editor
99 .LNX Editor Atari Lynx ROM Editor
100 .LO Editor Interleaf Compiled Lisp Format Editor
101 .LOADERS Editor GTK+ Loaders Format Editor
102 .LOC Editor GPS Location Format Editor
103 .LOCALSTORAGE Editor WebKit Local Storage Data Format Editor
104 .LOCK Editor Lock Format Editor
105 .LOCKFILE Editor Mac OS X PLIST Lock Format Editor
106 .LOD Editor Homeworld Level Of Detail Format Editor
107 .LOF Editor Audacity Format List Editor
108 .LOG Editor Log Format Editor
109 .LOG1 Editor Windows Registry Hive Log Format Editor
110 .LOG2 Editor Windows Registry Hive Log 2 Format Editor
111 .LOGIC Editor Logic Pro Project Format Editor
112 .LOGONVISTA Editor LogonStudio Windows Vista Logon Screen Editor
113 .LOGONXP Editor LogonStudio Windows XP Logon Screen Editor
114 .LOL Editor LOLCODE Source Code FIle Editor
115 .LOOK Editor SpeedGrade Look Format Editor
116 .LOOV Editor Smadav Virus Definitions Format Editor
117 .LOP Editor MasterCook Layout Format Editor
118 .LOVE Editor LÖVE Game Format Editor
119 .LP Editor Lightscape Preparation Format Editor
120 .LP2 Editor ILEAP Word Processing Document Editor
121 .LP7 Editor LP7 Digitally Signed Format Editor
122 .LPB Editor LaserTank Replay Format Editor
123 .LPD Editor Lookout Protocol Driver Format Editor
124 .LPDB Editor Librarian Pro Database Format Editor
125 .LPDF Editor Localized PDF Format Editor
126 .LPK Editor ArcGIS Layer Package Editor
127 .LPMD Editor LPMD Molecular Data Format Editor
128 .LPP Editor LabelPrint Project Format Editor
129 .LPROJ Editor Localized Project Folder Editor
130 .LPS Editor Bryce Leaf Shape Format Editor
131 .LQR Editor SQ Compressed LBR Archive Editor
132 .LQT Editor Liquid Audio Format Editor
133 .LRC Editor Lyrics Format Editor
134 .LRCAT Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog Format Editor
135 .LRDATA Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Data Format Editor
136 .LRDB Editor Photoshop Lightroom Database Editor
137 .LREC Editor Inter-Tel Web Conference Recording Editor
138 .LRF Editor Sony Portable Reader Format Editor
139 .LRPLUGIN Editor Photoshop Lightroom Plug-in Editor
140 .LRS Editor Librie Reader Source Format Editor
141 .LRSMCOL Editor Photoshop Lightroom Smart Collection Settings Format Editor
142 .LRTEMPLATE Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Template Editor
143 .LRV Editor Low Resolution Video Format Editor
144 .LRWEBENGINE Editor Photoshop Lightroom Web Gallery Format Editor
145 .LRX Editor Sony Portable Reader Format Editor
146 .LS Editor LightWave LScript Format Editor
147 .LS3 Editor Band-in-a-Box Third-Party Styles Format Editor
148 .LSD Editor FIFA World Cup Game Data Environment Format Editor
149 .LSF Editor Logos Library System Format Editor
150 .LSL Editor Corel Paradox Format Editor
151 .LSN Editor Microsoft Works Format Editor
152 .LSO Editor Logic Audio Project Editor
153 .LSP Editor Lisp Program Source Code Format Editor
154 .LSPROJ Editor Visual Studio LightSwitch Project Editor
155 .LSR Editor LANsurveyor Report Editor
156 .LST Editor Data List Editor
157 .LSU Editor LANsurveyor Map Editor
158 .LSW Editor RPG Maker Saved Game Format Editor
159 .LSX Editor Streaming Media Shortcut Editor
160 .LT2 Editor Poser Light Set Format Editor
161 .LTF Editor Laser App Temp Form Format Editor
162 .LTG Editor LaserTank Graphics Format Editor
163 .LTR Editor Letter Format Editor
164 .LTX Editor LaTeX Document Editor
165 .LTZ Editor Compressed Poser Light Set Format Editor
166 .LUA Editor Lua Source Format Editor
167 .LUE Editor Norton LiveUpdate Log Format Editor
168 .LUF Editor Lipikar Uniform Format Format Editor
169 .LUT Editor XnView Lut Format Editor
170 .LUTX Editor RadioRA 2 Essentials Project Database Editor
171 .LUXB Editor Lux Map Format Editor
172 .LVA Editor Logitech Video Effects Avatar Format Editor
173 .LVF Editor Logitech Video Effects Format Editor
174 .LVIVT Editor Lvivtotoro Encrypted Game Format Editor
175 .LVL Editor Game Level Format Editor
176 .LVM Editor LabVIEW Measurement Format Editor
177 .LVP Editor Avaya Voice Player Audio Format Editor
178 .LVW Editor Livewire Document Editor
179 .LW4 Editor Lightwright Format Editor
180 .LWFN Editor Adobe Type 1 Mac Font Format Editor
181 .LWO Editor LightWave 3D Object Format Editor
182 .LWP Editor Lotus Word Pro Document Editor
183 .LWS Editor LightWave 3D Scene Format Editor
184 .LWTP Editor LimeWire Theme Pack Editor
185 .LWV Editor Linguistically Enhanced Sound Format Editor
186 .LXA Editor Microsoft Speech Lexicon Format Editor
187 .LXCP Editor LCARS X32 Color Profile Editor
188 .LXF Editor LEGO Digital Designer Model Format Editor
189 .LXFML Editor LEGO Digital Designer XML Format Editor
190 .LXO Editor Luxology Modo 3D Image Editor
191 .LXSOPT Editor Liquid XML Studio Project Options Format Editor
192 .LXSPROJ Editor Liquid XML Studio Project Format Editor
193 .LY Editor LilyPond Format Editor
194 .LYC Editor BestIMAGE Compressed Design Format Editor
195 .LYR Editor ArcView Layer Format Editor
196 .LYT Editor Adminsoft Document Layout Format Editor
197 .LYX Editor LyX Document Editor
198 .LZ Editor Lzip Compressed Format Editor
199 .LZH Editor LZH Compressed Format Editor
200 .LZM Editor Slax Module Editor
201 .LZMA Editor LZMA Compressed Format Editor
202 .LZO Editor LZO Compressed Format Editor
203 .LZX Editor Amiga LZX Compressed Format Editor
204 .LHARC Editor LH ARC Compressed Archive Editor
205 .LUCA Editor Luca Template Editor
206 .LZF Editor Autodesk 3D Studio Max Lens Effect Flare Editor
207 .LV6 Editor Return To Wonderland Level Editor
208 .LAMP Editor ArchiCAD For MAC Geometric Description Language Editor
209 .LZOP Editor LZOP Compressed Editor
210 .LFE Editor LFClient Document Editor
211 .LA1 Editor LucasArts Game Data Editor
212 .LAYOUTDESIGNER Editor QuickBooks Layout Designer Template Editor
213 .LIGHTWAVE Editor Lightwave 3D Layered Object Editor
214 .LCP Editor FARSITE Landscape Data Editor
215 .LAVS Editor Liquid Audio Secured Download Editor
216 .LGD Editor Windows Application Log Editor
217 .LAA Editor LucasArts AdLib Audio Editor
218 .LW2 Editor Lightwright Show Data Editor
219 .LOADTEST Editor Microsoft Visual Studio Load Test Editor
220 .LNM Editor Corel WordPerfect SGML Alias Editor
221 .LDA Editor LaserData Image Format Editor
222 .LTL Editor DIALux Luminaire Data Editor
223 .LLP Editor VersaPro Local Logic Block Editor
224 .LMG Editor CryENGINE Locomotion Group Animation Editor
225 .LBXCOL Editor Libronix DLS Resource Collection Editor
226 .LDD Editor LEGO Digital Designer Editor
227 .LD Editor Telix Long Distance Codes Editor
228 .LTC Editor LTC Syntactically Analyzed Text Editor
229 .LSS Editor LotusScript Source Code Editor
230 .LKR Editor MPLAB Linker Editor
231 .LAUNCH Editor Zend Studio Debugger Configuration Editor
232 .LINUX Editor Linux Editor
233 .LAUNCHEREX_SOURCERECORD Editor Foston Google Android Editor
234 .LZC Editor Need For Speed Undercover Game Data Editor
235 .LSA Editor Lotus Designer Agent Editor
236 .LVLIB Editor LabVIEW Project Library Editor
237 .LW Editor LightWave 3D Binary Editor
238 .LRY Editor Konica Minolta Data Management Software Reference Data Editor
239 .LMT Editor RPG Maker 2000/2003 Map Tree Editor
240 .LGQ Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
241 .LNC Editor Football Manager Player Editor
242 .LBA Editor Liberty BASIC Editor
243 .LGM Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
244 .LAND Editor Userland Frontier Editor
245 .LSQ Editor IBM Voice Type Languages Addword Editor
246 .LUZ Editor Spectramap Editor
247 .LDL Editor Corel Paradox Delivered Library Editor
248 .LWM Editor LittleWays Map Editor
249 .LCLW Editor ClarisWorks Art Library Editor
250 .LM4 Editor Steinberg VST Sample Editor
251 .LZK Editor LoizziTimeControl Database Editor
252 .LWC Editor Legacy Charting Chart Editor
253 .LPF Editor Orgadata LogiKal Editor
254 .LRD Editor Microsoft Money Lock Editor
255 .LOLS Editor LOLCODE Source Code Editor
256 .LON Editor Aquaterra Profile Data Editor
257 .LUD Editor CARE-S InfoWorks Land Use Editor
258 .LFM Editor LifeForm Format Editor
259 .LIR Editor ADI Ocelot Settings Editor
260 .LOT Editor LaTex Auxiliary Format For List Of Tables Editor
261 .LTB Editor Amma Little Setup Builder Editor
262 .LOGIKCS Editor Apple Logic Key Commands Editor
263 .LVLIBP Editor LabVIEW Packed Project Library Editor
264 .LED Editor Sony AIBO AIBO LED Format Format Editor
265 .LICRYPT Editor Encrypted Editor
266 .LGR Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
267 .LSC Editor LOGO! Soft Comfort Editor
268 .LS4 Editor Lumion Exported Full Scene Editor
269 .LBE Editor Life Balance Xml-based Data Exchange Editor
270 .LKH Editor Worm.Generic.LKH Virus Editor
271 .LAT Editor LaTeX Editor
272 .LWZ Editor LightWave 3D Plugin Editor
273 .LRN Editor Apple Chess User Data Editor
274 .LPW Editor IRIS Laserform Lforms Editor
275 .LQF Editor LeechFTP Save Queue Editor
276 .LWX Editor Lightwright Database Editor
277 .LOCALSTORAGE-JOURNAL Editor Google Chrome Rollback Journal Editor
278 .LIK Editor Trojan.Win32.Agent.lik Editor
279 .LZS Editor Compressed Format Archive Editor
280 .LCL Editor Localization Editor
281 .LOADERBACKUP Editor BlackBerry Backup Editor
282 .LAK Editor Kashmir Editor
283 .LNGX Editor KeePaas Language Editor
284 .LOCK_SYNC Editor Synchronization Lock Editor
285 .LUAR Editor UltraDefrag Lua Report Editor
286 .L2P Editor BM Voice Type Languages Addword Editor
287 .LDX Editor Liquid Studio Liquid Executable Bytecode Editor
288 .LBG Editor DBASE IV Label Generator Data Editor
289 .LMR Editor QuickBooks Loan Manager Data Editor
290 .LDI Editor LDIF Address Book Interchange Format Editor
291 .LWOB Editor LightWave 3D Object Editor
292 .LMH Editor Memory Hacking Software Memory Editor
293 .LGZ Editor Windows Application Log Editor
294 .LXK Editor COREX Lexicon Link-up Editor
295 .LN Editor UNIX Lint Editor
296 .LPX Editor LaTeXPiX Script Editor
297 .LYS Editor DataCAD Layer Control Editor
298 .LNZ Editor Petz Linez Editor
299 .LKG Editor HP-UX Configuration Editor
300 .LCI Editor IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser Editor
301 .LOS Editor Close Combat 2 Map Related Editor
302 .LAYERDIAGRAM Editor Microsoft Visual Studio Layer Diagram Editor
303 .LITTLE Editor Mozilla Firefox Start-up Cache Editor
304 .LOGIN Editor UNIX Command Editor
305 .LHX Editor LineTracker Firmware Upgrade Editor
306 .LUCS Editor Amaya Tools Editor
307 .LD4 Editor ACCPAC Plus Menu Editor
308 .LXT Editor S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Editor
309 .LGG Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
310 .L32 Editor Swift Line 21 Caption Editor
311 .LANALYSER Editor Novell Netware LANalyzer Trace Editor
312 .LWTB Editor Likno Web Tabs Builder Editor
313 .LVLPS Editor LabVIEW Local Project Settings Editor
314 .LIVESUBSCRIBE Editor Symantec Antivirus Update Catalog Editor
315 .LXD Editor EDictionary Reader Dictionary Data Editor
316 .LOOP Editor Apple Soundtrack Pro Editor
317 .LRM Editor Microsoft Encarta Class Server Learning Resource Editor
318 .LIB4D Editor Cinema 4D Library Editor
319 .LWPP Editor Live Wallpaper For Mac Desktop Theme Editor
320 .LTS Editor Links Email Tourney Editor
321 .LIQUID Editor Shopify Liquid Template Editor
322 .LVR Editor Microsoft Visual Studio Environment Snapshot Editor
323 .LDP Editor Label Designer Plus DELUXE Data Editor
324 .LVD Editor LabelPro Design Document Editor
325 .LO_ Editor Microsoft System Management Server Renamed Old Log Editor
326 .LET Editor Nuke Randomic Life Generator Editor
327 .LLV Editor Lizard Safeguard License Editor
328 .LG0 Editor IBM Tivoli Monitoring Log Editor
329 .LK# Editor Autodesk Multi-user Coordination Lock Editor
330 .LAF Editor Lingoes Appendix Editor
331 .L2L Editor IBM Voice Type Languages Addword Editor
332 .LMV Editor Adobe Flash Source Code Editor
333 .LDO Editor Nova Logic Game Loadout Text Editor
334 .LWMW Editor Likno Web Modal Windows Builder Editor
335 .LBXLLS Editor Logos Libronix 3.0 Editor
336 .LAO Editor EPSON SMART PANEL Editor
337 .LW3 Editor Lightwright Data Editor
338 .LOV Editor SAP Business Objects Editor
339 .LP4 Editor 36-Image Converter Encrypted Language Pack Editor
340 .LOCAL Editor Delphi User-specific Project Options Editor
341 .LEP Editor Label And Envelope Designer Plus 2000 Editor
342 .LA0 Editor LucasArts Game Data Editor
343 .LE Editor Le Mac OS X Editor
344 .LTM Editor IBM Lotus Forms Form Editor
345 .LUG Editor Game Editor
346 .LPN Editor LVPLAN Editor
347 .LS1 Editor Microsoft Winhelp Source Editor
348 .LWQ Editor SWAT Lake Water Quality Input Editor
349 .LMBS Editor Adobe Photoshop For Mac Filter Editor
350 .LB Editor LBwin Project Editor
351 .LPT Editor LogPlot Compiled Boring Log Editor
352 .LENS Editor Autodesk Stitcher Camera Profile Editor
353 .LAE Editor Local Authentication Export Editor
354 .LICKEY Editor AVS4YOU License Key Editor
355 .LEI Editor Leica SP1 Image Session Editor
356 .LCX Editor LC Model Editor
357 .LRG Editor Macromedia XRes Multi-resolution Bitmap Editor
358 .LDMT Editor Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees Editor
359 .LCH Editor IBM Works For OS/2 Chart Editor
360 .LOCK3 Editor BlackBerry Encrypted 3GP Editor
361 .LWK Editor Siemens NX Software Graphics Editor
362 .LFF Editor LucasFilm Format Image Format Editor
363 .LSAPROTOTYPE Editor Microsoft Visual Studio Logical Datacenter Diagram Toolbox Prototype Editor
364 .LRTOOLKIT Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Editor
365 .LMLPACK Editor Kashmir 3D Link Editor
366 .LUV Editor Medieval 2 Total War Editor
367 .LSTX Editor E-Sword Verse List Editor
368 .LWBM Editor Likno Web Button Maker Editor
369 .LRCAT-JOURNAL Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Editor
370 .LITEMOD Editor Minecraft Mod Editor
371 .LGN Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
372 .LBO Editor DBASE IV Compiled Label Editor
373 .LPI Editor Free Pascal Lazarus Project Information Editor
374 .LTT Editor HP Library And Tape Tools Log Editor
375 .LUM Editor Luminous Song List Editor
376 .LSM Editor Ziess LSM Model Editor
377 .LAM Editor Netscape Media Player Streaming Audio Metafile Editor
378 .LIA Editor P-CAD Schematics Library Editor
379 .LTA Editor Monolith Lithtech Game Engine Editor
380 .LPR Editor Homeworld Editor
381 .LBD Editor Life Balance User Data Editor
382 .LOCALIZED Editor MAC OS X Editor
383 .LKO Editor Microsoft Outlook Express Editor
384 .LGW Editor ANSYS Editor
385 .LABX Editor CASSY Lab Editor
386 .LF Editor SoftwareKey License Editor
387 .LUAC Editor Lua Compiled Source Code Editor
388 .LWF Editor LuraWave Format Image Format Editor
389 .LOB Editor IBM DB2 LOBFILE Editor
390 .LPU Editor Passolo Localization Project Editor
391 .LCS Editor ACT! History Editor
392 .LTH Editor Roxio Label Creator Style Editor
393 .LGV Editor Debugging Tools For Windows Logger Log Editor
394 .LHW Editor LHWarp Compressed Amiga Archive Editor
395 .LAD Editor Daylon Leveller Animation Data Editor
396 .LTKEY Editor LeaderTask Key Editor
397 .LCT Editor Electrical Filter Design Editor
398 .LG1 Editor IBM Tivoli Monitoring Log Backup Editor
399 .LMP Editor Doom Recorded Demo Editor
400 .LNA Editor Xilinx ISE Editor
401 .LWA Editor Lightwright Automated Action Editor
402 .LIG Editor INet-Server Editor
403 .LNP Editor µVision Linker Input Format Editor
404 .LHZ Editor LHA Compressed Format Archive Editor
405 .LAI Editor GNU Libtool Temporary Editor
406 .LA2 Editor LucasArts Game Data Editor
407 .L5K Editor RSLogix 5000 Editor
408 .LNF Editor Oyoaha Lookandfeel Interface Elements Editor
409 .LLS Editor Windows System Editor
410 .LD1 Editor DBASE Overlay Editor
411 .LEV Editor Worms Map Editor
412 .LW5 Editor Lightwright Show Data Editor
413 .LIBRARY Editor CATIA Library Editor
414 .LWI Editor Light Work Image Image Format Editor
415 .LRL Editor SmartWare Local Resource Library Editor
416 .LBF Editor Bioshock 2 Configuration Editor
417 .LXL Editor Luxology Modo Single-layer Mesh Presets Editor
418 .LG2 Editor HotMux Thermocouple Data Log Editor
419 .LMA Editor Learning Mobile Author (LMA) Project Editor
420 .LTD Editor LivingTime Data Editor
421 .LNS Editor AVG Anti-Virus Language Editor
422 .LGJ Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
423 .LWTT Editor Likno Web Tooltips Builder Editor
424 .LAX Editor AnetHelpTool JavaHelp Viewer Editor
425 .LVCLASS Editor LabVIEW Class Library Editor
426 .LSLIBRARY Editor Littlesnapper User Library Package Editor
427 .LBK Editor VersaPro Local Logic Block Backup Editor
428 .LLC Editor LapLink Saved Connection Editor
429 .LVB Editor Outlaws Game Editor
430 .LVIX Editor Lightworks Video Index Editor
431 .LGB Editor QuickBooks Little Green Box Editor
432 .LWLO Editor LightWave Layered Object Editor
433 .LRP Editor IBM Works For OS/2 Report Editor
434 .LAR Editor Liquid Audio Player Registration Editor
435 .LMD Editor Abbyy Finereader Sprint Editor
436 .LBK Editor VersaPro Local Logic Block Backup Editor
437 .LLT Editor Liquidity Lighthouse Transaction Format Editor
438 .LASTBUILDSTATE Editor MSBuild Exported Build Editor
439 .LWL Editor Lightwright Printed Paperwork Formatting Instructions Editor
440 .LFT Editor ChiWriter Laser Printer Font Editor
441 .LR Editor Chaos Desktop Layer List Editor
442 .LZP Editor Law And Order 3: Justice Is Served Game Editor
443 .LTCX Editor LTC Syntactically Analyzed Text XML Editor
444 .LWAC Editor Likno Web Accordion Builder Editor
445 .LGS Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
446 .LGT Editor Urban Chaos Game Editor
447 .LBP Editor ProWORX Nxt Logic Pointer Editor
448 .LSV Editor Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor Visual Preference Editor
449 .LWD Editor LotusWorks Text Document Editor
450 .LGA Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
451 .L2R Editor Lineage II Replay Editor
452 .LS_ Editor Unix Ls Directory Editor
453 .LAV Editor Liquid Audio Player Voucher Editor
454 .LWT Editor Lightwright Attribute List Editor
455 .LPAQ8 Editor PAQ Data Archive Editor
456 .LDZ Editor Microsoft Visual Studio DSM Project Editor
457 .LGK Editor Microsoft Windows Application Log Editor
458 .LPA Editor LPA View Laser Particle Analyser Editor
459 .LBXOEB Editor Libronix DLS Resource Editor
460 .LXV Editor Lexar Secure II Encrypted Archive Editor
461 .LFA Editor Life Forms Editor
462 .LRPREV Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Index Editor
463 .LOK Editor W32/Rbot-WE Log Editor
464 .LIV Editor Living Actor Actor Editor
465 .LSZ Editor Learning Score Zip Editor
466 .LEG Editor LEGOCAD Editor
467 .LMF Editor Library Mapping And Altera Data Interchange Editor
468 .LZMA86 Editor Archive Editor
469 .LBXDTP Editor Libronix DLS Data Type Editor
470 .LOADED_3 Editor JavaScript Cache Format Editor
471 .LER Editor LopeEdit Results Format Editor
472 .LQP Editor Liquid Audio Player Passport Data Format Editor
473 .LOGG Editor XWE Data Format Editor
474 .LPAQ1 Editor LPAQ1 Compressed Archive Format Editor
475 .LABELS Editor Amira 3D Mesh Related Data Format Editor
476 .LM Editor Microsoft Windows System Data Format Editor
477 .LSB Editor LightScape Technologies Binary Data Format Editor
478 .LQU Editor LeapFTP Queue Data Format Editor
479 .LWAV Editor XWE Data Format Editor
480 .LI5 Editor LOGINventory Data Format Editor
481 .LXE Editor Luxology Modo Environment Preset Format Editor
482 .LOADED_1 Editor JavaScript Cache Format Editor
483 .LGE Editor Log Data Format Editor
484 .LIJS Editor Apple Photos Data Format Editor
485 .LFB Editor Laserfiche Briefcase Format Editor
486 .LPJ Editor LIMDEP Project Format Editor
487 .LASX Editor LAS Sidecar Auxilliary Data Format Editor
488 .LOX Editor Therion 3D Model Format Editor
489 .LVLAD Editor LabVIEW Ladder Diagram Format Editor
490 .LOXI Editor LiquidCD Loxi Disk Image Format Editor
491 .LDWF Editor Android Related Data Format Editor
492 .LSG Editor LimeSurvey Group Structure XML Document Format Editor
493 .LAY6 Editor Sprint-Layout Document Format Editor
494 .LOOKLIBRARY Editor Corel Painter Looks Library Format Editor
495 .LPO Editor AEROoffice Trajectory Data Format Editor
496 .LLI Editor AutoCAD Landscape Library Format Editor
497 .LWG Editor Microsoft .NET Data Format Editor
498 .LIGHTINGLIBRARY Editor Corel Painter Lighting Presets Format Editor
499 .LUB Editor Lua Bytecode Format Editor
500 .LOADED_0 Editor JavaScript Cache Format Editor
501 .LIPG Editor LiPG Parser Data Format Editor
502 .LFX Editor Land F/X Project Format Editor
503 .LLF Editor IITM Local Language Data Format Editor
504 .LTN Editor CD-ROM Driver Format Editor
505 .LSXTPROJ Editor Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Project Format Editor
506 .LXQ Editor Daz Studio Frame List Format Editor
507 .LPZ Editor SIMPL Windows Program Format Editor
508 .LSXPROJ Editor Microsoft Visual Studio Data Format Editor
509 .LOADED Editor µTorrent Data Format Editor
510 .LECHIFFRE Editor LeChiffre Ransomware Affected Data Format Editor
511 .LRMODULE Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Module Format Editor
512 .LREF Editor WPF XAML Cache Format Editor
513 .LUCI Editor Amazon Kindle Fire Mobi Ebook Container Format Editor
514 .LEASES Editor VMware DHCP Configuration Information Data Format Editor
515 .LCPP Editor Adobe Lens Profile Creator Project Format Editor
516 .LFL Editor LucasArts Games Resource Format Editor
517 .LMP4 Editor GOM Media Player Data Format Editor
518 .L16 Editor JRiver Media Center Data Format Editor
519 .LLG Editor LADSIM Ladder Logic Diagram Format Editor
520 .LOCATION Editor Microsoft Windows 10 Registry Data Format Editor
521 .LGX Editor Logistix Spreadsheet Format Editor
522 .LEPF Editor Adobe Little Endian Prebuilt Format Format Editor
523 .LFD Editor LucasArts Game Resource Format Editor
524 .LIJ Editor Apple Photos Data Format Editor
525 .L3 Editor L3 DRM Protected Video Format Editor
526 .LPCM Editor Movie Maker Audio Format Editor
527 .LDML Editor Adobe GoLive Data Format Editor
528 .LV Editor Corel PaintShop Pro Data Format Editor
529 .LP3 Editor Logo Painter 3/3+ Picture Image Format Editor
530 .LGU Editor LG Windows CE Upgrade Data Format Editor
531 .LATM Editor Low Overhead Audio Transport Multiplex Format Editor
532 .LUXOR2SAVEDGAME Editor Luxor 2 Saved Game Format Editor
533 .LAYX Editor PTV VISSIM Vehicle Network Data Format Editor
534 .LZ4 Editor LZ4 Compressed Data Format Editor
535 .L9 Editor Gargoyle Interactive Fiction Story Format Editor
536 .LEO Editor Larka Edytor Obiektów Picture Image Format Editor
537 .LA_ Editor TI Databook Format Editor
538 .LRWEB Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Web Gallery Settings Format Editor
539 .LRREG Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom License Format Editor
540 .LEXE Editor SciTE Data Format Editor
541 .LPV Editor Laser Shows Live Preview Data Format Editor
542 .LOGOIST Editor Logoist Project Format Editor
543 .LV1 Editor LiVES Clip Backup Format Editor
544 .LVS Editor Daylon Leveller Selection Mask Format Editor
545 .LEOTMI Editor Privacy Lock Protected Picture Format Editor
546 .LEECHGET Editor LeechGet Incomplete Download Format Editor
547 .LSH Editor Lush Source Code Format Editor
548 .LVPROJ Editor LabVIEW Project Format Editor
549 .LTHMB Editor Adobe Presenter Audio Thumbnail Format Editor
550 .LQA Editor Logger Pro Automatic Update Format Editor
551 .LDE Editor Veeam Explorer Exported Data Format Editor
552 .LOG4NET Editor Apache Log4net Data Format Editor
553 .LAZ Editor LiquidApps Project Format Editor
554 .LRT Editor Yacc Log Format Editor
555 .LLSD Editor Second Life Game Data Format Editor
556 .LNGP Editor This War Of Mine Language Localization Pack Format Editor
557 .LUACOMP Editor PlayOn Settings Format Editor
558 .LPSX Editor LARSA 4D Section Database Format Editor
559 .LOCKY Editor Locky Ransomware Affected Data Format Editor
560 .LQM Editor LG QuickMemo Note Format Editor
561 .L3B Editor SR 3D Builder Model Format Editor
562 .L5X Editor Rockwell Automation RSLogix 5000 Import / Export Data Format Editor
563 .LABA Editor Labels & Addresses Project Format Editor
564 .LAP Editor Scheme Source Code Format Editor
565 .LAST Editor Valve Steam Data Format Editor
566 .LEGION Editor Legion Ransomware Affected Data Format Editor
567 .LESLI Editor CryptoMix Ransomware Affected Format Editor
568 .LFNT Editor ReadyNas Remote Data Format Editor
569 .LH3D Editor Live Home 3D Project Format Editor
570 .LHZD Editor Live Home 3D Project Format Editor
571 .LIBZIP Editor Camtasia Studio Zipped Library Format Editor
572 .LICENSE Editor RealStrat License Format Editor
573 .LINQ Editor LINQPad Data Format Editor
574 .LITCOFFEE Editor Literate CoffeeScript Source Code Format Editor
575 .LKP Editor Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) Data Format Editor
576 .LOADED_2 Editor JavaScript Cache Format Editor
577 .LOCKED Editor Various Ransomware Affected Data Format Editor
578 .LOCRES Editor Unreal Tournament Localization Data Format Editor
579 .LOG5 Editor Automise Log Format Editor
580 .LOGBOOK3 Editor SportTracks Log Format Editor
581 .LOGICX Editor Apple Logic Pro X Project Format Editor
582 .LOR Editor O&O Defrag Agent Data Format Editor
583 .LOXONE Editor Loxone Config Project Format Editor
584 .LPAQ5 Editor LPAQ5 Compressed Archive Format Editor
585 .LPH Editor PC-lint Precompiled Header Format Editor
586 .LRDEVPLUGIN Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Plugin Format Editor
587 .LRPREVIEW Editor Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Preview Format Editor
588 .LS3PROJ Editor Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Project Format Editor
589 .LS6 Editor Lumion 3D Model Format Editor
590 .LSE Editor Oracle Utilities Load Analysis Input Data Format Editor
591 .LSI Editor Xerox Lightscribe Label Format Editor
592 .LSSCRIPT Editor Divinity: Original Sin Game Data Format Editor
593 .LTW Editor IncrediMail Data Format Editor
594 .LUACODEC Editor Reason Remote Lua Codec Format Editor
595 .LUCY Editor HTC Scribble Note Format Editor
596 .LX01 Editor EnCase Forensic Logical Evidence Format Editor
597 .LXR Editor MicroVigene License Request Format Editor
598 .LY2 Editor EAGLE Layout Editor Data Format Editor