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List of N File Editors

1 .N Editor Neko Bytecode Format Editor
2 .N-GAGE Editor N-Gage Application Editor
3 .N2 Editor Nitrous Minecraft GLSL Shader Format Editor
4 .N3D Editor Nuclear 3D Format Editor
5 .N3PMESH Editor Knight Online 3D Mesh Format Editor
6 .N64 Editor Nintendo 64 Emulator ROM Format Editor
7 .NA2 Editor Netscape Address Book Format Editor
8 .NAM Editor DMAP Spreadsheet Format Editor
9 .NAP Editor NAPLPS Vector Image Metafile Editor
10 .NARC Editor Nintendo DS Archive Format Editor
11 .NAV Editor Id Tech 3 Bot Navigation Format Editor
12 .NAV2 Editor WinAVI Temporary Navigation Format Editor
13 .NAZ Editor Total Overdose Game Data Format Editor
14 .NB Editor Mathematica Notebook Editor
15 .NB0 Editor Google Android Compiled ROM Format Editor
16 .NB7 Editor NovaBACKUP Output Format Editor
17 .NBA Editor Nero BackItUp Archive Editor
18 .NBC Editor Next Byte Codes Source Code Format Editor
19 .NBD Editor NovaBACKUP Format Editor
20 .NBE Editor Nessus Report Format Editor
21 .NBF Editor Backup NOW! Backup Archive Format Editor
22 .NBH Editor ROM Update Utility Image Format Editor
23 .NBI Editor Nero BackItUp Information Format Editor
24 .NBK Editor NovaBACKUP Job Format Editor
25 .NBM Editor NetBeans Module Editor
26 .NBP Editor Mathematica Player Notebook Format Editor
27 .NBS Editor Minecraft Note Block Studio Format Editor
28 .NBT Editor Minecraft Named Binary Tag Format Editor
29 .NBU Editor Nokia Phone Backup Format Editor
30 .NC Editor Unidata Network Common Data Form Format Editor
31 .NCB Editor Visual C++ IntelliSense Database Editor
32 .NCD Editor NTI CD-Maker Disk Image Editor
33 .NCF Editor No Cache Format Editor
34 .NCFG Editor ArcGIS Explorer Configuration Format Editor
35 .NCGR Editor Nintendo DS Title Graphics Format Editor
36 .NCH Editor Outlook Express Folder Format Editor
37 .NCLR Editor Nintendo DS Color Palette Format Editor
38 .NCO Editor Nero BackItUp Format Editor
39 .NCOR Editor Adobe Encore Project Format Editor
40 .NCORX Editor Adobe Encore Project Editor
41 .NCR Editor NCR Image Editor
42 .NCT Editor Nero CoverDesigner Template Editor
43 .NCW Editor Nero CoverDesigner Picture Template Format Editor
44 .NCX Editor EPUB Navigation Control XML Format Editor
45 .ND Editor QuickBooks Network Data Format Editor
46 .ND5 Editor Renamed NDS Format Editor
47 .NDB Editor ClamAV Extended Signature Format Editor
48 .NDC Editor Personal Communications Settings Format Editor
49 .NDF Editor SQL Server Secondary Database Format Editor
50 .NDIF Editor Apple NDIF Disk Image Format Editor
51 .NDK Editor Lotus Notes Design Elements Format Editor
52 .NDL Editor Lotus Notes Doclink Format Editor
53 .NDOC Editor Naver Word Editor
54 .NDS Editor Nintendo DS Game ROM Editor
55 .NDX Editor DBASE Index Format Editor
56 .NED Editor OMNeT++ Network Description Format Editor
57 .NEF Editor Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image Editor
58 .NEKO Editor Neko Source Code Format Editor
59 .NEO Editor NeoChrome Bitmap Image Editor
60 .NES Editor Nintendo (NES) ROM Format Editor
61 .NESSUS Editor Nessus Network Security Scanner Format Editor
62 .NET Editor Network Configuration Format Editor
63 .NETA Editor Netica Binary Format Editor
64 .NETSPD Editor NetSpot Survey Project Format Editor
65 .NETSPM Editor NetSpot Map Format Editor
66 .NETWORKCONNECT Editor Apple Network Connect Document Editor
67 .NEU Editor Pro/ENGINEER Neutral Format Editor
68 .NEXE Editor Chrome Native Client Executable Editor
69 .NFB Editor Nokia Phone Backup Format Editor
70 .NFC Editor Nokia Phone Backup Copy Format Editor
71 .NFF Editor Neutral Format Format Editor
72 .NFI Editor Dreambox Disc Image Editor
73 .NFL Editor AutoCAD Multiline Filter List Editor
74 .NFM Editor Delphi .NET Form Format Editor
75 .NFO Editor Warez Information Format Editor
76 .NFS Editor Network Format System Temporary Format Editor
77 .NFS11SAVE Editor Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Save Format Editor
78 .NFTR Editor Nintendo DS Font Type Format Editor
79 .NGAGE Editor N-Gage Game Format Editor
80 .NGC Editor Xilinx Generated Netlist Format Editor
81 .NGD Editor NimbleGen Gene Description Format Editor
82 .NGP Editor NeoGeo Pocket ROM Editor
83 .NGT Editor Noni GPSPlot Track Format Editor
84 .NIB Editor Interface Builder User Interface Format Editor
85 .NICK Editor Outlook 2000 Nickname Format Editor
86 .NIF Editor Gamebryo Model Format Editor
87 .NIM Editor Nimrod Source Code Format Editor
88 .NITF Editor National Imagery Transmission Format Format Editor
89 .NJB Editor Nikon Photo Index Format Editor
90 .NJI Editor Nero Job Information Format Editor
91 .NJX Editor NJStar Document Editor
92 .NK Editor NUKE Script Editor
93 .NK2 Editor Outlook 2002 Nickname Format Editor
94 .NKB Editor Kontakt Audio Bank Editor
95 .NKC Editor Kontakt Library Data Format Editor
96 .NKI Editor KONTAKT Instrument Format Editor
97 .NKM Editor Kontakt Multi Instrument Format Editor
98 .NKP Editor Kontakt Presets Format Editor
99 .NKS Editor Kontakt Monolith Container Editor
100 .NKX Editor Kontakt Monolith Container Format Editor
101 .NLELEM Editor NoLimits Track Element Format Editor
102 .NLM Editor Nokia Logo Format Editor
103 .NLOGO Editor NetLogo Model Format Editor
104 .NLOGO3D Editor NetLogo 3D Model Format Editor
105 .NLPX Editor NoLimits Package Editor
106 .NLS Editor Microsoft National Language Support Format Editor
107 .NLTRACK Editor NoLimits Roller Coaster Track Format Editor
108 .NM Editor Space Engine Nebula Model Format Editor
109 .NM2 Editor Navitel Map Format Editor
110 .NM3 Editor Navitel 5 Map Format Editor
111 .NMAP Editor NaviComputer Map Format Editor
112 .NMBTEMPLATE Editor Numbers Spreadsheet Template Editor
113 .NMC Editor ArcGIS Explorer Map Content Format Editor
114 .NMF Editor ArcGIS Explorer Map Format Editor
115 .NMIND Editor NovaMind Mind Map Format Editor
116 .NML Editor Traktor Collection Format Editor
117 .NMP Editor Neopaint Mask Image Format Editor
118 .NN Editor Nero CD Format List Editor
119 .NNI Editor ANNI Neural Network Investing Format Editor
120 .NNP Editor ANNI Neural Network Portfolio Format Editor
121 .NOD Editor NetObjects Fusion Format Editor
122 .NOMEDIA Editor Android No Media Format Editor
123 .NOT Editor Notation Format Editor
124 .NOTE Editor Notability For IPad Note Format Editor
125 .NOTEBOOK Editor SMART Notebook Format Editor
126 .NOTES Editor Memento Notes Format Editor
127 .NOW Editor Readme Format Editor
128 .NP Editor Portfolio NetPublish Format Editor
129 .NPF Editor NTI Partition Format Editor
130 .NPFX Editor Norton Internet Security Firewall Settings Format Editor
131 .NPL Editor Nokia Playlist Format Editor
132 .NPP Editor Art Explosion Publisher Pro Document Editor
133 .NPR Editor Nuendo Project Format Editor
134 .NPS Editor NTI Partition Set Editor
135 .NPT Editor Navicat For MySQL Data Transfer Profile Format Editor
136 .NQC Editor Not Quite C Source Code Format Editor
137 .NRA Editor Nero Audio Compilation Editor
138 .NRB Editor Nero CD-ROM Boot Compilation Editor
139 .NRC Editor Nero Disc Compilation Format Editor
140 .NRD Editor Nero DVD-Video Compilation Format Editor
141 .NRG Editor Nero CD/DVD Image Format Editor
142 .NRI Editor Nero ISO CD Compilation Format Editor
143 .NRL Editor Autonomy Interwoven Link Format Editor
144 .NRM Editor Nero Mixed Mode CD Compilation Editor
145 .NRS Editor Nero CD-ROM Boot EFI Compilation Format Editor
146 .NRT Editor Nokia Ringtone Editor
147 .NRU Editor Nero UDF CD-ROM Compilation Editor
148 .NRW Editor Nikon Raw Image Format Editor
149 .NS2 Editor Lotus Notes 2 Database Editor
150 .NS3 Editor Lotus Notes 3 Database Editor
151 .NS4 Editor Lotus Notes 4 Database Editor
152 .NSA Editor Nullsoft Streaming Audio Format Editor
153 .NSBCA Editor Nintendo DS Model Animation Format Editor
154 .NSBMD Editor Nintendo DS Model Format Editor
155 .NSBTA Editor Nintendo DS Texture Animation Format Editor
156 .NSBTX Editor Nintendo DS Model Texture Format Editor
157 .NSCR Editor Nintendo DS Title Screen Format Editor
158 .NSF Editor Lotus Notes Database Editor
159 .NSH Editor NSIS Header Format Editor
160 .NSI Editor NSIS Script Editor
161 .NSQ Editor NScheduler Data Format Editor
162 .NSR Editor Nessus Security Report Format Editor
163 .NSS Editor Magentic Screensaver Format Editor
164 .NST Editor NoiseTracker Module Editor
165 .NSV Editor Nullsoft Streaming Video Format Editor
166 .NT Editor Windows NT Startup Format Editor
167 .NTC Editor Camera Control Pro Custom Curves Format Editor
168 .NTF Editor Lotus Note Template Editor
169 .NTFS Editor NTFS Partition Format Editor
170 .NTH Editor Nokia Series 40 Theme Format Editor
171 .NTN Editor NOTION Song Format Editor
172 .NTRK Editor Pacific FIghters Online Track Format Editor
173 .NTS Editor Lotus Notes Traveler Server Config Format Editor
174 .NTX Editor Clipper Database Index Format Editor
175 .NUMBERS Editor Numbers Spreadsheet Format Editor
176 .NUMBERS-TEF Editor Numbers ICloud Document Editor
177 .NUP Editor Smart Security Update Format Editor
178 .NUPKG Editor NuGet Package Editor
179 .NUSPEC Editor NuGet Specification Format Editor
180 .NUT Editor NUT Video Format Editor
181 .NUV Editor NuppelVideo Format Editor
182 .NV Editor MAME NVRAM Format Editor
183 .NV2 Editor NewViews 2 Database Format Editor
184 .NVC Editor NeroVision Express Project Format Editor
185 .NVDL Editor NVDL Script Editor
186 .NVF Editor Creative Labs NVF Audio Format Editor
187 .NVI Editor NVIDIA Driver Format Editor
188 .NVL Editor UniChem Results Format Editor
189 .NVM Editor PlayStation 2 BIOS Configuration Format Editor
190 .NVRAM Editor VMware NVRAM Format Editor
191 .NWC Editor NoteWorthy Composer Format Editor
192 .NWCTXT Editor NoteWorthy Composer Text Format Editor
193 .NWD Editor Navisworks Document Editor
194 .NWF Editor Navisworks Format Set Editor
195 .NWM Editor Sony NWM Display Screen Format Editor
196 .NWP Editor Noteworthy Player Format Type Editor
197 .NWS Editor Windows Live Mail Newsgroup Format Editor
198 .NWV Editor Dragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive Editor
199 .NXC Editor Not EXactly C Source Code Format Editor
200 .NXG Editor ESite Builder NXG Web Page Editor
201 .NY Editor Audacity Nyquist Plug-in Editor
202 .NYF Editor MyBase Database Format Editor
203 .NZB Editor NewzBin Usenet Index Format Editor
204 .NW4 Editor Netware.4x Editor
205 .NC1 Editor Xsteel CAD Editor
206 .NOPEV Editor Navicat For Oracle Export View Result Profile Editor
207 .NCZ Editor Netcad Drawing Editor
208 .NRE Editor Nero CD EXTRA Compilation Editor
209 .NWCP Editor Nisus Writer Pro Clipboard Document Editor
210 .NVZ Editor Novelty Actor Editor
211 .NR-VMP Editor BrainVoyager QX Native Resolution Volume Map Editor
212 .NTD Editor NinjaTrader Editor
213 .NMV Editor Nintendulator Movie Capture Editor
214 .NDP Editor Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project Editor
215 .NWN Editor Bioware Aurora Engine Module Editor
216 .NOX Editor Wave IRIS NOx Editor
217 .NHA Editor Native Noah Format Editor
218 .N90 Editor Apple IOS Kernel Cache Editor
219 .NFX Editor NetObjects Fusion Components Bbscomp Editor
220 .NXN Editor Avid Interplay Permanent License Editor
221 .NPM Editor CorelDRAW 10 Draw Media Lines Editor
222 .NM5 Editor NovaMind Mind Map Editor
223 .NDOTS Editor Ribbons Ndots Editor
224 .NBL Editor Phantasy Star Universe Editor
225 .NMU Editor EMC Documentum Client Library Query Cache Editor
226 .NOPE Editor Navicat For Oracle Exported Table Editor
227 .NLPEV Editor Navicat Export View Result Profile Editor
228 .NHV Editor Nero HD-BURN-Video Compilation Editor
229 .NOP Editor Nokia Smart Shoot RAW Photo Editor
230 .N88 Editor Apple IOS Kernel Cache Editor
231 .N92 Editor Apple IOS Firmware Editor
232 .NHS Editor NHibernate Editor
233 .NOPT Editor Navicat For Oracle Data Transfer Profile Editor
234 .NRH Editor Nero Hybrid CD-ROM Compilation Editor
235 .NLPT Editor Navicat For SQLite Data Transfer Profile Editor
236 .NOTX Editor E-Sword Study Editor
237 .NVJ Editor Net Vampire Job Editor
238 .NARRATIVE Editor Mariner Software Narrator Audio Document Editor
239 .NDA Editor Nero BackItUp Drive Image Editor
240 .NLB Editor Colin McRae Rally Network Leader Boards Game Editor
241 .NSPI Editor Navicat For SQL Server Import Wizard Profile Editor
242 .NFT Editor NetObjects Fusion System Editor
243 .NQI Editor NOD32 Quarantine Editor
244 .NMK Editor Microsoft Program Maintenance Utility Make Editor
245 .N81 Editor Apple IOS Kernel Cache Editor
246 .NWCAB Editor Neat Software Cabinet Editor
247 .NTFP Editor Nintendo DS Nitro Format Palette Editor
248 .NHP Editor NOAA Hydrophone Data Editor
249 .NC? Editor FlashGet Download Manager Incomplete Download Editor
250 .NODES Editor PowerFolder Nodes Editor
251 .NCOMP Editor SAM Dirichlet Mixture Prior Library Editor
252 .NI Editor NetObjects Fusion Preview Editor
253 .NOPEQ Editor Navicat For Oracle Export Query Result Profile Editor
254 .NDR Editor RightFax Executable Editor
255 .NEOSAVE Editor Neopets Puzzle Adventure Saved Game Editor
256 .NETSH Editor Netsh Format Extension Editor
257 .NPK Editor N-Track Studio Peak Editor
258 .NAF Editor TRAKTOR Service Editor
259 .NCLK Editor HTML Formatted Text Editor
260 .NTM Editor Navitel Map Editor
261 .NDV Editor ENVI N-D Visualizer State Editor
262 .NPA Editor ReliaSoft Weibull++ Editor
263 .NICNT Editor Native Instruments KONTAKT Library Editor
264 .NOPEM Editor Navicat For Oracle Export Materialized View Profile Editor
265 .NMD Editor Nero MiniDVD Compilation Editor
266 .NCER Editor Nintendo DS Nitro Cell Resource Editor
267 .NIST Editor Audio Editor
268 .NOR Editor Norwegian Localization Editor
269 .NDW Editor Allplan Drawing Editor
270 .NOF Editor NetObject Fusion 5.0 Editor
271 .NCP Editor NHL Ice Hockey 2002 User NHLcards Editor
272 .NB2 Editor Newsbin Unfinished Download Editor
273 .NCSS Editor NCSS Data Editor
274 .NOPI Editor Navicat For Oracle Import Wizard Profile Editor
275 .NNR Editor Nikon Capture Noise Reduction Editor
276 .NSPEV Editor Navicat For SQL Server Export View Result Profile Editor
277 .NU4 Editor Norton Utilities DLL Root Editor
278 .NVT Editor NeuraLynx Video Tracker Editor
279 .NGRR Editor GUITAR RIG Sound Editor
280 .NEPPRJ Editor NEPLAN Project Editor
281 .NXB Editor Nexus Race Software Raw Data Editor
282 .NOS Editor JDOS System Editor
283 .NZ Editor NanoZip Compressed Archive Editor
284 .NOINDEX Editor Mac OS X Spotlight Index Editor
285 .NLG Editor Nestopia Language Editor
286 .NPD Editor Navicat For MySQL Data Synchronize Profile Editor
287 .NQST Editor SoundEdit Editor
288 .NSPE Editor Navicat For SQL Server Exported Table Editor
289 .NPV Editor Pixbend Player Pixbend Media Editor
290 .NPB Editor Navicat For MySQL Backup Profile Editor
291 .NT7 Editor Orchida Knitting System Pattern Editor
292 .NPEQ Editor Navicat For MySQL Export Query Result Profile Editor
293 .NSC Editor Windows Media Station Editor
294 .NLV Editor Nikon Capture LCHE Editor Editor
295 .NS Editor NSwin Project Editor
296 .NIX Editor Rational XDE Editor
297 .NBIN Editor Compiled NASL Script Editor
298 .NVAVI Editor Split AVI Audio Video Interchange Format Editor
299 .NSPEQ Editor Navicat For SQL Server Export Query Result Profile Editor
300 .NETKIT Editor Gnome Desktop Editor
301 .NRF Editor IBM Domino Notes Redirection Editor
302 .NUGG Editor SAP Generated Nugg Editor
303 .NFG Editor NewsBin Configuration Editor
304 .NSPD Editor Navicat For SQL Server Data Synchronization Profile Editor
305 .NSZ Editor Benchmark Data Format Used By NVidia NTune Tool Editor
306 .NJT Editor Nero BackItUp Job Template Editor
307 .NPE Editor Navicat For MySQL Export Profile Editor
308 .NDM Editor Enemy Territory Quake Wars Demo Editor
309 .NKR Editor KONTAKT Resource Container Editor
310 .NMW Editor Microsoft NetMeeting T126_Whiteboard Editor
311 .NPPD Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Data Synchronization Profile Editor
312 .NWX Editor Outlaws Choreography Editor
313 .NAL Editor System Management Server Network Abstraction Layer Editor
314 .NAPR Editor NameCleaner Preference Editor
315 .NRMLIB Editor Neat Document Library Editor
316 .NRBAK Editor Neat Backup Editor
317 .NKD Editor Nikon ViewNX Thumbnail Cache Editor
318 .NLC Editor Nero Linux Compilation Editor
319 .NVX Editor NvStructural Extension Editor
320 .NSX Editor Apollo Server Database Index Editor
321 .NLPEQ Editor Navicat For SQLite Export Query Result Profile Editor
322 .NQA Editor NQuery Advisor Data Editor
323 .NDT Editor NEPLAN External Program Import Or Export Editor
324 .NTT Editor MediaFACE Template Editor
325 .NOV Editor NI Battery Cache Editor
326 .NOKOGIRI Editor Nokogiri Source Editor
327 .NPC Editor QuickBooks Online Banking Editor
328 .NPPT Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Data Transfer Profile Editor
329 .NWELICENSE Editor Nisus Writer Pro License Editor
330 .NLANG3 Editor Ashampoo Internet Accelerator Language Editor
331 .NWB Editor Nikon Capture White Balance Editor
332 .NPX Editor TroublePix Licence Editor
333 .NCC Editor CNC (Computer Numeric Control) Control Format (CamView 3D) Editor
334 .NZN Editor RMCProfile List Editor
335 .NUGET Editor NuGet Package Editor
336 .NGS Editor NGSSniff Editor
337 .NMSV Editor Native Instruments MASSIVE Audio Editor
338 .NEWSLOC Editor Apple Mac OS X Finder News Internet Location Editor
339 .NEN Editor Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project Editor
340 .NBAK Editor Neat Backup Editor
341 .NNTP Editor NewsWatcher Editor
342 .NW_ Editor Noteworthy Composer Compressed Editor
343 .NBR Editor Saved Benchmark Result Editor
344 .NETBOOT Editor Unix Netboot Script Editor
345 .NOPD Editor Navicat For Oracle Data Synchronization Profile Editor
346 .NTV Editor PatternSmith Import Editor
347 .N2KM Editor Headshape Modding 3D Tool For 3D Studio Max Modding Editor
348 .NLR Editor NLREG Nonlinear Regression Control Editor
349 .NVD Editor Navidoc Editor
350 .NEZ Editor NES ROM Emulator Image Editor
351 .NM7 Editor Navitel Navigator Map Editor
352 .NDO Editor Nendo Editor
353 .NOL Editor Nokia Operator Logo Image Format Editor
354 .NICRASH Editor TRAKTOR Crash Report Editor
355 .NHB Editor No Hands Backup Backup Description Editor
356 .NGH Editor Neighbours From Hell 2 Saved Game Editor
357 .NACL Editor NameCleaner Editor
358 .NSPT Editor Navicat For SQL Server Data Transfer Profile Editor
359 .NMR Editor WxNUTS Histogram Editor
360 .NPI Editor Navicat For MySQL Import Wizard Profile Editor
361 .NGLOSS Editor Nisus Writer Pro Glossary Editor
362 .NETRC Editor .netrc TCP/IP Settings Editor
363 .NSLLOC Editor Apple Mac OS X Finder NSL Internet Location Editor
364 .NSD Editor Norton System Doctor Sensor Configuration Editor
365 .NL Editor Norton Desktop Icon Library Editor
366 .NDU Editor Symbian Phone Backup Editor
367 .NWDB Editor NeatReceipts Database Editor
368 .NX2 Editor NexusDB Database Editor
369 .NX^D Editor WriteNow 2 Document Editor
370 .NPO Editor Nonpareil Redundancy Summary Editor
371 .NPPI Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Import Wizard Profile Editor
372 .NWUT Editor NetWare Tools Editor
373 .NMI Editor SwordSearcher Editor
374 .NPJ Editor Navicat For MySQL Batch Job Editor
375 .NCV Editor Nikon Capture Curves Editor
376 .NQF Editor NOD32 Quarantine Editor
377 .NRV Editor Nero Video-CD Compilation Editor
378 .NPEV Editor Navicat For MySQL Export View Result Profile Editor
379 .NRX Editor NeatReceipts SCANALIZER Expense Report Editor
380 .NOT_TERMINATED Editor Mac OS X Audit Log Editor
381 .NHD Editor Nero AVHCD DVD Compilation Editor
382 .NCA Editor Nikon Capture Color Adjustment Editor
383 .NID Editor Nikon Capture IPTC Data Editor
384 .NVR Editor NeverForget Editor
385 .NXT Editor NeXT Sound Editor
386 .NON Editor Star Wars: Tie Fighter Mouse Options Editor
387 .NGO Editor Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project Editor
388 .NCI Editor Mastercam Toolpath Editor
389 .NX1 Editor NexusDB Database Editor
390 .NR4 Editor Nero CD-ROM (AAC) Compilation Editor
391 .NPPEV Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Export View Result Profile Editor
392 .NMBD Editor Samba Log Editor
393 .NWA Editor Natural Windows Animation Editor
394 .NBFP Editor Nintedo DS Nitro Basic Format Palette Editor
395 .NIT Editor ArcView INFO Table Definitions Editor
396 .NPG Editor Magentic Download Editor
397 .NMO Editor Virtools Behavioral Objects Editor
398 .NUF Editor Procomm Plus New User Message Editor
399 .NLPE Editor Navicat For SQLite Exported Table Editor
400 .NBFC Editor Nintendo DS Nitro Basic Format Character Editor
401 .NTL Editor Diablo 2 Mod D2NT Script Editor
402 .NAVMAP Editor ESRI Data Editor
403 .NZL Editor Corel Painter Nozzle Editor
404 .NE0 Editor NetBSD Config Editor
405 .NL2 Editor ESignal Market Depth Editor
406 .NIL Editor Norton Icon Library Editor
407 .NUD Editor Now Up-To-Date Calendar Data Editor
408 .NTW Editor Noteworthy Composer Song Editor
409 .NE3 Editor OM2 OMALI NENA Document Editor
410 .NSE Editor Nmap Security Scanner Scripting Engine Editor
411 .NEX Editor Neuroexplorer Neurological Data Editor
412 .NTP Editor MediaFACE CD Label Editor
413 .NOKTXT Editor Nokia Proprietary Ringtone Text Format Editor
414 .NNW Editor NeuralWare NeuralWorks Editor
415 .NWBAK Editor Neat Backup Editor
416 .NOB Editor Silver Game Data Editor
417 .NVP Editor Net Vampire Job Editor
418 .NOKIA Editor Nokia Proprietary Ringtone Format Editor
419 .NEULICENSE Editor Neu License Editor
420 .NRP Editor ASP.NET Report Maker Report Editor
421 .NSPL Editor Netscape Navigator Plugin Editor
422 .NHL Editor Nhl Ice Hockey Game 2002 User Teams Editor
423 .NTJ Editor Junction Box Backup Editor
424 .NPN Editor Canvas Neon Pen Editor
425 .NPW Editor NPassword Editor
426 .NE1 Editor OM2 OMALI NENA Version 1 Document Editor
427 .NGR Editor NEPLAN Graphic Data Editor
428 .NUM Editor Diction Editor
429 .NLPD Editor Navicat For SQLite Data Synchronization Profile Editor
430 .NJF Editor IBM Lotus Domino Editor
431 .NBFS Editor Nintendo DS Nitro Basic Format Screen Editor
432 .NSU Editor NVIDIA NTune Command System Profile Settings Editor
433 .NTZ Editor InVircible Antivirus Directory Integrity Information Editor
434 .NPPEQ Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Export Query Result Profile Editor
435 .NDD Editor Nikon Capture Digital DEE Editor
436 .NFP Editor Archive Editor
437 .NOVS Editor Novell NetWare Control Center Editor
438 .NLK Editor Outlook 2003 E-mail Cookie Editor
439 .NAS Editor Nasal Script Editor
440 .NBZ Editor ArcSoft Total Media Backup & Record Backup Editor
441 .NPDT Editor Mac Text Editor
442 .N90AP Editor IPhone Jailbreak Firmware Editor
443 .NC2 Editor NewsLeecher Cache Editor
444 .NNVS Editor NextNine VNC Player VNC Session Editor
445 .NIA Editor Nikon Capture Image Adjustment Editor
446 .NUC Editor PAML Data Editor
447 .NH Editor NetHack Defaults Editor
448 .NIFF Editor NIFF Navy Image Format Format Editor
449 .NUB Editor Xerox FreeFlow NUB Init Editor
450 .NIP Editor Microsoft DRM (Digital Right Management) Editor
451 .NXD Editor NdxCards Index Card Project Editor
452 .NPPE Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Exported Table Editor
453 .NAB Editor Netscape Communicator Addressbook Editor
454 .NS1 Editor NetStumbler NS1 Log Editor
455 .NFS13SAVE Editor Need For Speed: Most Wanted Saved Game Editor
456 .NSG Editor Lotus Notes Database Editor
457 .NCS Editor Bioware Aurora / Obsidian Electron Compiled Script Editor
458 .NRJ Editor Nero JukeBox Compilation Editor
459 .NHN Editor Ijji REACTOR Html Launch Editor
460 .NW3 Editor Novell Netware.3x Editor
461 .NGN Editor Fly! Engine Specification Editor
462 .NGG Editor Nokia Group Graphics Image Format Editor
463 .NR3 Editor Nero CD-ROM (MP3) Compilation Editor
464 .NMM Editor Microsoft 3D Movie Maker Video Editor
465 .NSFE Editor Nintendo NES Audio Format With Enhanced Tags Editor
466 .NVSG Editor NVIDIA SceniX Scene Management Engine Format Editor
467 .NLPI Editor Navicat For SQLite Import Wizard Profile Editor
468 .NHF Editor Nero HFS-CD Compilation Editor
469 .NPZ Editor GameGuard Update Editor
470 .NEW Editor Ameco Embroidery Format Editor
471 .NMS Editor Numega SoftICE Loader Format Including Debugging Info Editor
472 .NP2 Editor Picture Control Utility Picture Control Data Format Editor
473 .NUNIT Editor NUnit Test Project Format Editor
474 .NMPD Editor Navicat For MariaDB Data Synchronization Format Editor
475 .NBGR Editor Nintendo DS Basic Graphics Resource Format Editor
476 .NSB_SEARCH_MORE Editor Nero Search Data Format Editor
477 .NMPI Editor Navicat For MariaDB Import Wizard Profile Format Editor
478 .NAPJ Editor Navicat Premium Batch Job Format Editor
479 .NOPJ Editor Navicat For Oracle Batch Job Format Editor
480 .NRPROJ Editor .NET Reactor Project Format Editor
481 .NMPEV Editor Navicat For MariaDB Export View Result Profile Format Editor
482 .NGE Editor NeXus Personal Security Client Data Format Editor
483 .NLQ Editor Daisy-Dot 19x16 Font Format Editor
484 .NCAK1 Editor Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 Template Format Editor
485 .NLP Editor Newsletter Profi 2001 Data Format Editor
486 .NU3 Editor Symantec Norton Utilities Backup Format Editor
487 .NABS Editor Native Instruments Absynth Sound Data Format Editor
488 .NAVIONICS Editor GPS Chart Format Format Editor
489 .NCMM Editor NI Maschine Mikro Template Format Editor
490 .NANOPAD2_SET Editor KORG Kontrol Editor Scene Data Format Editor
491 .NULL Editor NULL Image Format Editor
492 .NKPLE Editor Nuke Script Format Editor
493 .NT8BK Editor NinjaTrader Backup Format Editor
494 .NKSC Editor Nikon Capture NX-D Settings Format Editor
495 .NJK Editor Nunjucks Template Format Editor
496 .NERO_SCOUT_VIDEO Editor Nero ShowTime Data Format Editor
497 .NMX Editor Traktor Mix Data Format Editor
498 .NUNJUCKS Editor Nunjucks Template Format Editor
499 .NERO_SEARCH_EMAIL_RESULT Editor Nero Search Format Editor
500 .NND Editor CYMFLOW Network Data Format Editor
501 .NKG Editor Kontakt Groups Data Format Editor
502 .ND2 Editor Nikon NIS-Elements ND2 Image Format Editor
503 .NIFCACHE Editor Gamebryo Data Format Editor
504 .NPPB Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Backup Profile Format Editor
505 .NSPJ Editor Navicat For SQL Server Batch Job Format Editor
506 .NNA Editor NeuralWare Data Format Editor
507 .NSPB Editor Navicat For SQL Server Backup Profile Format Editor
508 .NUNJS Editor Nunjucks Template Format Editor
509 .NCKS2 Editor Native Instruments Kontrol S2 Template Format Editor
510 .NFM8 Editor Native Instruments KOMPLETE FM8 Sound Format Editor
511 .NMPJ Editor Navicat For MariaDB Batch Job Format Editor
512 .NQP Editor Visual Studio Code Data Format Editor
513 .NIV Editor TheWord New International Version Module Format Editor
514 .NANOPAD2_GLOB Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
515 .NNB Editor ANNI Batch Script Format Editor
516 .NFD_AUDIO Editor Nero NFD Audio Data Format Editor
517 .NANOPAD_DATA Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
518 .NMPB Editor Navicat For MariaDB Backup Profile Format Editor
519 .NMPT Editor Navicat For MariaDB Data Transfer Format Editor
520 .NSCONFIG Editor Nsconfig Authentication Data Format Editor
521 .NOZSKIN Editor WinDS PRO Data Format Editor
522 .NRRD Editor Nearly Raw Raster Data Format Editor
523 .NCKX1 Editor Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 Template Format Editor
524 .NANOPAD_GLOB Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
525 .NKSN Editor Native Instruments Kontakt Settings Format Editor
526 .NCKS4 Editor Native Instruments Traktor Template Format Editor
527 .NKTRL_DATA Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
528 .NANOPAD_SET Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
529 .NLPB Editor Navicat For SQLite Backup Profile Format Editor
530 .NLF Editor ClickTracks Normalized Log Format Editor
531 .NFD_DATA Editor Nero Multimedia Suite Data Format Editor
532 .NSPS Editor Navicat For SQL Server Structure Synchronization Data Format Editor
533 .NPDF Editor Normal PDF Document Format Editor
534 .NGW Editor NGRAIN 3D Format Format Editor
535 .NAT Editor Natata EBook Format Editor
536 .NUNJ Editor Nunjucks Template Format Editor
537 .NEROSERIAL Editor Nero Multimedia Suite Serial Number Format Editor
538 .NMPS Editor Navicat For MariaDB Structure Synchronization Format Editor
539 .NANOKEY_DATA Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
540 .N3W00001940 Editor Winamp Metadata Format Editor
541 .NPMIGNORE Editor Git Data Format Editor
542 .NAVREP Editor CATIA Data Format Editor
543 .NOVA Editor Cryptic Game Data Archive Format Editor
544 .NOMEDIA_128X96 Editor Google Android OS System Data Format Editor
545 .N3A Editor Nokia 3D Screensaver Format Editor
546 .NPPS Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Structure Synchronization Format Editor
547 .NBKT Editor Native Instruments BATTERY Audio Data Format Editor
548 .NXS Editor AdaOS Support Module Format Editor
549 .NKTRL_SET Editor KORG Kontrol Editor Settings Format Editor
550 .NUKE Editor Nuke Script Format Editor
551 .N3M Editor Nokia 3D WebGL Map Format Editor
552 .NOPB Editor Navicat Format Editor
553 .NNL Editor Network Notepad Professional License Format Editor
554 .NMPE Editor Navicat For MariaDB Export Wizard Profile Format Editor
555 .N000 Editor Genie Backup Manager Split Backup Format Editor
556 .N2E Editor The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing Effect Format Editor
557 .N2PK Editor The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing Game Data Format Editor
558 .N3 Editor Notation3 Document Format Editor
559 .N3R Editor Panasonic Video Format Format Editor
560 .NANOKEY2_DATA Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
561 .NANOPAD2_DATA Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
562 .NANR Editor Nintendo DS Animation Resource Format Editor
563 .NAPT Editor Navicat Premium Data Transfer Profile Format Editor
564 .NAR Editor Counter-Strike Online Game Archive Format Editor
565 .NATVIS Editor Microsoft Visual Studio Text Data Format Editor
566 .NBTITLE Editor NewBlue Titler Pro Project Format Editor
567 .NBV Editor Nero Burning ROM BDMV-Video Compilation Format Editor
568 .NCM Editor Nokia Communicator Configuration Message Format Editor
569 .NC_ Editor Nero BackItUp Split Archive Format Editor
570 .NDPR Editor NanoZoomer Digital Pathology Image Format Format Editor
571 .NDPRJ Editor NeoDownloader Project Format Editor
572 .NEC Editor NEC JIS Encoded Data Format Editor
573 .NEROSERIAL11 Editor Nero Multimedia Suite Serial Number Format Editor
574 .NEROSERIAL12 Editor Nero Multimedia Suite Data Format Editor
575 .NETPROJECT Editor Netfabb Basic Project Format Editor
576 .NFA Editor Netflix Data Format Editor
577 .NFSLICENSE Editor Netfabb Basic License Format Editor
578 .NFV Editor Netflix Downloaded Video Format Editor
579 .NHCODE Editor Mastercam NetHASP Code Format Editor
580 .NIR Editor AdminStudio Repackaging Wizard Output Format Editor
581 .NJ Editor Nunjucks Template Format Editor
582 .NKTRL2_DATA Editor KORG KONTROL Editor Data Format Editor
583 .NL2SCRIPT Editor NoLimits Script Format Editor
584 .NLPJ Editor Navicat For SQlite Batch Job Format Editor
585 .NLVM Editor NoLimits Game Data Format Editor
586 .NMA Editor GPSBabel GPS Log Data Format Editor
587 .NMBSPLB Editor Microsoft Office Data Format Editor
588 .NMEA Editor Global Positioning Data (GPS) Format Editor
589 .NMH-STREAM Editor Nero ShowTime Data Format Editor
590 .NMPEQ Editor Navicat For MariaDB Export Query Result Profile Format Editor
591 .NODE Editor For Honor EasyAntiCheat Data Format Editor
592 .NOPS Editor Navicat For Oracle Structure Synchronization Data Format Editor
593 .NOZZLELIBRARY Editor Corel Painter Nozzle Library Format Editor
594 .NPPEM Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Export Materialized View Profile Format Editor
595 .NPPJ Editor Navicat For PostgreSQL Batch Job Format Editor
596 .NPSF Editor XWE Format Editor
597 .NPY Editor NumPy Data Format Editor
598 .NRKT Editor Native Instruments REAKTOR Data Format Editor
599 .NSL Editor LogoManager Data Format Editor
600 .NSLA Editor Nero Video Audio Data Format Editor
601 .NSMP Editor Nord Audio Keyboards Sample Format Editor
602 .NTAR Editor Wireshark Data Format Editor
603 .NTB Editor Tecplot License Data Format Editor
604 .NTBK Editor NinjaTrader Backup Format Editor
605 .NXM Editor Nexus Mod Manager Archive Format Editor
606 .NXU Editor C4 Engine XML Model Data Format Editor